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'Nam project - Buddha statue head

As I mentioned in a previous post I found a Buddha statue head that had just become available to buy. The head is listed as a base for putting miniatures on, but I thought it would be great as a piece of scenery for my Vietnam game.

 It arrived on Wednesday and I finished painting and flocking it on Thursday.

Now I need to make a few ruin wall pieces to go near by.

My 40 trees also arrived and I have based them up. I just need to paint and flock the bases and they will be finished.

 I would have liked to have done it this weekend, but I have other commitments that will mean the earliest I can work on them will be next week.

 Oh, I also made my own hot wire cutter - this thing is super effective and I will show some handy work and a photo of the cutter next week with any luck.


The Extraordinarii said...

Ahh! good work more scenery, and I agree, some wall ruins would suit this piece really well.

Brummie said...

Looks great. I echo the previous comments some ruined walls would look great.

Bard said...

That'll add a great touch to any Vietnam game!

lrqan said...

Looks a bit spooky to me. I think that's the point tho (LOL).

cmnash said...

Looks good Shelldrake - and I'm looking forward to seeing your hot wire cutter too.