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'Nam project - jungle scenery

As mentioned, my painting and hobby activities have slowed down a bit. Before the activities with the pruning saw I had made some more jungle scenery for my game.

I didn't get around to painting or flocking them though. I will have a crack at that soon to see how the hand holds up.

In the mean time, here are a couple of photos showing what I have made:

Most of the left half of the area is scenery I made recently

The dark green trees I made last week, and the unpainted bases I made a few days ago

I am at a stage with vegetation that I can play games happily enough - but I want to make more. I guess I have to decide when to stop and when too much vegetation becomes too much to play the game.

 I do want to make more of the frond scenery, and make some small fern bases to give lower vegetation.


Brummie said...

Looks cracking. Just the right amount to me. Plenty of room to put figures in between and still have that overgrown jungle look

The Extraordinarii said...

That mix of different trees and shrubs looks real good mate, its certainly achieved a playable state, well done.

Dan said...

That table looks great!

lrqan said...

Bloody ACE! Well done, it really captures the feeling. I wouldn't worryb too much about more, it's looking good as it is.

Youngstown said...

Looks fantastic! I'm really digging your Vietnam posts, keep em coming, Sir.

Jim Casey said...

The variaty of plants you use is great. It blends well as you look over the entire table.

DMS said...

your work is an inspiration. I am still starting up my vietnam 28mm collecton. just waiting for three UH-1D's to arrive and its time to get cracking!!!


Shelldrake said...

Thanks DMS - I am glad you like what I am doing, and I look forward to seeing how your games go.

I was only looking at getting some choppers today, and then I did something totally different, which you will see in the next 'Nam post I make.