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Vietnam War

This page has links to the posts about the Vietnam War project I am working on.

Painted LRRPs
TAG LRRP figures

Traps - part one: Punji pit trap and trip wire grenade trap
Traps - part two: Helicopter Trap
Traps - future plans: mortar bomb traps

Planning enemy troops: part 1
Planning enemy troops: part 2
Planning enemy troops: part 3

Bomb Crater: part 1 (includes general musings)
Bomb Crater: part 2
Bomb Crater: part 3 (finished)

Recon 28: Ebob's rules in waiting

Scenery: Tall Grass
              Buddha statue head
              High Speed Trails
              Rice Paddy
              Jungle Scenery 

Aircraft:  using 1/72 models in 28mm games

Game Markers:  VC Blips

NVA: First Painted Figures

VC: First Batch Painted
       First Painted Figures

Game Rules: FNG or Point Blank?

Battle Reports: Point Blank Play Test
                       Point Blank Play Test (sort of)
                       Campaign game 1

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